Instincts: What Aren’t You Paying Attention to That Affects Your Business?

According to science, when presented with a decision, your brain makes a choice within seconds. Those are our instincts making decisions for us before we have had time to “think” about it. However, after those few seconds, we tend to ignore the instincts and start to question our initial decision. We then question our initial thoughts and want more information or a discussion. Then we feel confused about what we should do.

Does this sound familiar for your business? How many times have you needed to make a decision, large or small, that took up way too much time? More often than not, our instincts tell us when we need to make certain decisions in different areas of our business. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore them because we get “busy.” While it seems harmless to ignore our instincts regarding business issues, if those issues continue to be ignored, they turn into much bigger problems.

Staff issues
Is there a staff issue you have been ignoring? It may seem harmless to overlook an employee who calls in sick the day after every paycheck, but as time goes on, this could be an indicator of an even bigger personal problem in that staff member’s life. You may know or suspect larger issues but don’t want to go through the headache of recruiting a new staff member and letting go of the old one. However, ignoring issues with staff is not an isolated incident with just that team member.

Other team members notice absences by their peers too. By not addressing that employees’ issue, you are quietly telling the rest of your staff that this behavior is acceptable.

Another big challenge is turnover. It’s definitely not easy to recruit and hire new employees – there is a lot that goes into finding and on-boarding a new team member. But, it can be easy to assume turnover is something that happens to every business, and not address the reason why it’s happening. Are there leadership issues? Is lack of training causing confusion, frustration and ultimately turnover? Whatever the issue is, it’s important to address the core problems that are leading to turnover.

Growth and vision of the company
Are you planning for the future and casting vision for your company? If not, you could be creating problems for your whole team. First, it means that the vision for your company is likely not clearly defined for your employees like it is to you. Not knowing what your long-term vision is can lead to lack of focus for your entire team.

If you have not taken the time to define your long-term vision, it’s time to do it now. Define it for yourself and then you can consistently share it with your team. Beyond you and your team, you can cast vision with your current and potential customers through various forms of communication. Doing this can help customers feel like they are part of your long-term success.

Performance Analytics
Numbers tell a story. What story are your numbers telling about your company? Healthy organizations are consistently looking at their performance numbers. By analyzing and projecting financial information, you can spot potential issues that are currently happening or plan for issues in the future.

Are you regularly looking at your numbers? We provide business operations software to various businesses. We often hear from companies that are unsure of what is happening in their business. Which means it is hard to tell what needs to be planned for in your organization. Until you get a handle on what is going on in your business, you could be stunting your future growth.

What are your instincts telling you? You may have a small inkling or a thought that comes up every so often that you know you need to address. Take this as a cue to focus on the things your instincts are telling you you need to address today.